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Since 2013, we’ve helped young adults from all over the world enjoy the best international experiences of their lives. Whether it’s for one week or a three month adventure, close to home or in a foreign land, our experienced, professional, and customer-focused guides make all the difference.

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Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Top 5 Ways to Afford Travel

It is possible to budget for travel while in college! We are bringing 100+ travelers on international backpacking trips over the summer and we have heard every situation from college students on limited budgets to full-time parents with limited funds and time for a...

A Guide to Packing Light

When you make an effort to pack light, then you are ultimately deciding that you want to experience less of your hotel room and more of your surroundings. You are no longer weighed down by your possessions so you can pack up, pick up and take off at the drop of an...

How to Travel the World for Free

  Take advantage of study abroad programs  Before attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) I spent 1 year completing my Associates Degree at Valencia College. While there, I decided to join a study abroad trip to Beijing & Shanghai, China where I...

How to Travel the World as a Broke College Student

Founder of Globalized Citizen, David Freund shares some of his tips and tricks on how to travel the world as a broke college student. This is the start of a series of notes he takes while traveling the world on the lessons he’s learned on his quest to design his optimal lifestyle filled with travel, adventure, learning, and love.

Top 5 Things to Do in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is an island in Thailand whose name has become synonymous with the famous Full Moon Parties that take place once a month. This lively, all-night event boasts some 30,000 travelers all gathered on Haad Rin beach having the experience of a lifetime. And that...