How to Pick Out Flights for Travel – Flying like a Pro!

We know where we want to go, but how do we get there? Flights have always been notoriously expensive relative to the total trip cost. Being aware of some surprisingly unknown resources can help you save and find deals on this massive expenditure.

  1. Google ITA Matrix [Web] As one of our favorite resources, this site is customizable and has an Interactive Calendar which allows you to search in date ranges. ITA Matrix will then return results that show you prices for about a whole calendar month. Note: Tickets cannot be purchased directly from ITA Software. If you find a fare you like, you can give the information from this site to your travel agent or airline when making a booking.
  2. Google Flights [Web & Mobile] This is the simple version of the powerful ITA Matrix. This is the same technology presented in a much simpler and user-friendly format in exchange for some of its customization searching. You can book directly with Google Flights.
  3. Skyscanner [Web | iOS | Android] Last minute deals galore! (Make sure to delete your cookies on whatever device you use because these websites keep track of how many times you visit the site and will increase the price of the flight)
  4. Momondo [Web | iOS | Android] Momondo will show you the cheapest departure and arrival dates, the best balance between price and flight time, and reveal how factors such as days to departure and seasonality affect fare prices. They don’t make any money off the deals you’re seeing so you’re not paying any additional margins.

Connecting Destinations and Points of Interests. When searching for these flights, you may find that getting from point A to point B can still be rather expensive. Sometimes, the trick is to add in point C. As counterintuitive as it may seem, adding in another stop can sometimes turn out way cheaper. Here’s what we mean: say you are trying to get to Bangkok, Thailand. From the United States, a direct flight to Bangkok can be super expensive. So we search for Singapore instead. We may find that flying to Singapore first and then finding a budget flight to Bangkok might turn out a bit cheaper than flying a couple connecting flights to Bangkok. The reason to why this might work is that the algorithms involved in searching for your flights try to minimize your journey to a maximum of around 2 stops. Their statistics say that anything more than 2 stops, most people will end up unhappy or tired. However, if we’re thinking about financial budgets as our priority, adding in an extra stop above the airline’s recommendation may be cheaper.



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