The Importance of Travel Insurance

What Travel Insurance covers. We recommend every traveler to get travel insurance. What exactly does it cover? Here are some of the essentials that World Nomads Travel Insurance covers.


  1. Medical Help: Covers emergency overseas medical treatment including treatment in a clinic or hospital, plus medicines as prescribed by your treating doctor to get you well and keep you traveling.
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation: Covers your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility. If you’re in a remote location, we may need to move you to a neighboring country. We can also cover your medical repatriation for further treatment.
  3. Trip Cancellations: Covers the costs to cancel all or part of your trip including other pre-booked expenses in specific circumstances including a sudden illness or serious injury.
  4. Gear is damaged or stolen: Cover theft or accidental damage of your gear such as iPads, laptops and digital cameras in specific incidents up to individual item limits.


We prefer to use World Nomads as an Insurance company because they believe that everyone should travel with the comfort of knowing that somebody has their back, as do we at Globalized Citizen. Having the confidence of being covered goes a long way in keeping your peace of mind while being in foreign destinations. This is the link on our site for a quote:

Keep in mind that quotes on your customized and specific travel needs may vary in price.


Another reason why we prefer World Nomads is because they are one of the few companies that cover Adventure activities! We love exploring the boundaries of extreme experiences. This list of coverage goes on from skiing and glacier walking, to bungee jumping and Tough Mudder. You name it and they probably cover it! — World Nomads article



We want you to be safe, we want you to be confident, and we want you to be covered


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