Top 5 Ways to Afford Travel

It is possible to budget for travel while in college!
We are bringing 100+ travelers on international backpacking trips over the summer and we have heard every situation from college students on limited budgets to full-time parents with limited funds and time for a vacation. From everyones stories and experiences, we have learned something very important; anyone can make international travel possible with proper budgeting and willingness to change old spending habits for the sake of travel. So before we begin, we need you to make the decision on the importance of travel in your life. If travel is something you deeply desire, then we can help you meet and exceed your travel goals.


About Globalized Citizen
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Experience your own adventure by downloading our exclusive itineraries to some of the most beautiful locations in the world!
Earning Travel Credit

1. Food and Entertainment
An average meal at Chipotle or a similar restaurant costs about $8.00 and a drink at the bar can range from $2.50 to $10.00+. Even a soft drink at a restaurant or gas station costs around $2 and coffee can get rather expensive as well. Do you go to bars and clubs on the weekends and pay cover charges? Do you drive to these places or do you pay for an Uber? These small, mindless amounts of money add up quickly without us even having a chance to realize where it all went. Young adults on average spend over $300/month eating and entertainment expenses. Proper budgeting on eating out and entertainment can mean significant savings to be used for travel!
You will need to spend a little more time keeping track of your weekly spending choices. Want to know the simplest way to do this? Keep a note on your phone. Shop at your local grocery store and cook meals for yourself instead of paying a premium for a restaurant to do it for you. You will save an average of 80% per meal when you choose to pick up bulk groceries for the week instead of eating out. When you create a consistent diet schedule for yourself, you will be able to carefully track your expenditures on food and save hundreds of dollars a month. Becoming a master of your monthly expenses is key to having an overall financial picture of where your money is going and will help you identify areas that you can cut back on to save money for travel. 

2. Textbooks
It happens every semester and it’s the least fun thing to spend your money on. Sometimes textbooks cost hundreds of our hard earned dollars. The main question you need to be asking yourself is  “Do I REALLY need this? Is it 100% required for the course? Am I really going to be using it?”  Not only is buying textbooks detrimental to our bank accounts, but it’s also straight up annoying. Most of the time, we end up purchasing these books from the campus bookstore for the convenience; not realizing it’s the most expensive outlet.
Some other important questions to ask yourself are: “Can I share this book with someone?” There are plenty of other individuals in your class who are in the same boat as you and would be happy and willing to share. It’s better to split the cost of the book with others instead of having to absorb the cost all by yourself. Although it may seem obvious, we are suggesting that you rent the book instead of outright purchasing it. Two great resources for renting and buying used books are Chegg and Amazon. The practice of renting/sharing books instead of purchasing from your local bookstore can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year which can be used for future travel.

3. Find Carpool Opportunities: Do you commute to campus?  Do you have roommates or friends that you could carpool to school, or to work? Alternate who drives; even if you’re not going a far distance – cutting any amount of extra driving is guaranteed to save your wallet on gas and tolls. Adopting this practice in your transportation routine adds up to huge savings for travel over time.

4. Extra Hours
This one may seem more obvious than the others but are you putting the benefits of this option into consideration? Most employers understand the budget struggles of a college student and want to help. Consider asking for additional hours at your job  (even an extra one or two hours). If they can’t offer that to you, consider picking up another small side job. Find things you can fit into your schedule. Do some simple research to find flexible ways to make money right from your phone.

5. Brand Ambassador Program
Our last (and favorite) consideration is a new Globalized Citizen Brand Ambassador program we have released. We have set it up so you can earn travel credit toward your tour with Globalized Citizen by directly helping others (and their friends) travel with us! You can receive $100 credit for each person who puts down their $200 deposit for a tour. We have some of the best technology in place to help you take the grunt work out of recruiting travelers and make it as easy as possible for you to earn free travel. If you are interested in participating in the Globalized Citizen Brand Ambassador Program, please drop us a line here!

The Bottom Line
There is no way you will not start noticing a difference in the amount of money that leaves your pockets if you simply start being more conscious of what you spend. Figure out where your money is going! It’s easy and worth it. Consider these tips to help get you started, and you’ll be on track to travel the world in no time.

Leave us a comment below for any questions you may have for budgeting/saving for travel below. We are happy to help provide you with free information on how you can budget for international travel. If you are ready to experience an incredible, Thailand Island Tour, you can place your deposit here!


Experience your own adventure by downloading our exclusive itineraries to some of the most beautiful locations in the world!

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