Why Travel as a Globalized Citizen?

We started with the idea that young adults should be immersed into the backpacking culture and enrich their lives through international experiences and amazing life stories. We’re passionate about experiencing our world as we’ve covered 30+ countries and we’re still discovering new destinations to make our guests’ adventures even more awesome! We are excited to experience the world as Globalized Citizens!

You can say we know a thing or two about international backpacking trips as our entire staff are world travelers themselves. Collectively, we have traveled to over 150 countries and have reached all corners of the world. Our staff will be sure to guide you to the best local cuisines, inform you of local customs and help you have the best international experience possible.

We believe that travel should be stress-free, comfortable, and inclusive so you can experience more for less. Whether you’re sailing on our exclusive sailboat yacht, having dinner with a local family, or hiking an active volcano, you’ll be sure to have a breath-taking experience every day!

We do epic island hopping trips and European city adventures to some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations. We pack all of our tours with exciting and memorable experiences that are exclusive to Globalized Citizen, and we aim for every traveler to be able to go home satisfied and a little more curious about our wonderful planet. We understand that everyone has a different style, which is why all of our adventures are designed to include as much balanced free time as possible to make your experience unforgettable and unique! We put together an incredible adventure, your way. Globalized Citizen takes absolute care of all accommodations, intercity transportation, and even select meals. We connect you to the best travel insurance, tour guides, and support system so you don’t have to worry on your vacation.

On each trip, we also like to take the opportunity to give back to our planet. We believe that as Globalized Citizens, taking a part of protecting and providing for our home is important. We are a big believer in leaving places more beautiful than when we arrived. Advocating and encouraging other travelers to do the same is the least we can do.


Experience your own adventure by downloading our exclusive itineraries to some of the most beautiful locations in the world!

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