You Deserve to See the World – Planning to Commit to Your Travel Plans

Sometimes we as humans get so wrapped up with the idea of what we want for the future we lose focus on how to turn that idea into reality. We tend to say to ourselves “Someday I want to travel the world.” Yet, once we say the words that temporarily make us feel good, we go back to living vicariously through the Instagram posts our friends put up of beautiful monuments, beach sunsets, and fruity cocktails. We know deep down we want to accomplish these goals, so we settle for the occasional daydream at work or in class but we never truly know when our #TravelGoals will actually happen. Well, let us be the one to tell you the only way it is going to happen is if you start working towards your goals NOW.

The connection between your passions, actions, and desires all come from commitment. How much are you willing to commit to your desire to travel? How determined are you to start accomplishing your travel goals? Making travel a priority means creating a vision of where you want to go and then creating the step-by-step action plan on how to realize your vision. You have to discipline your mind, your finances and your daily actions to make this happen. You have to wake up and work for it every single day; you as a being, who craves adventure, have to want it bad enough.

Why you want to travel versus why you need to travel is what is really going to determine your ambition to travel. Why you want to travel is a different answer depending who you ask. Why you want to travel could be because you want excitement, new experiences, you’re in search of a higher meaning, or it could be because you’re tired of the same routine. Needless to say, the want in traveling is the same. Now, understanding why you need to travel helps you unlock a new driver of motivation to help you reach your travel goals.
When someone asks, “what have you been up to?” and your immediate response is “same shit, different day”, that is the moment when you need to grasp reality. At your age, there is no time to waste, there is no “I will do it by next summer, next year, next time” because the time is now! The decision to travel is now because the truth is, you’ll never be 100% ready to get lost in a foreign country, learn a new language, or meet new people. The stars will never be perfectly aligned as you’ve imagined they would be. The key to expanding your mind through international experiences is to jump right into it! List your goals, design your plan and execute! Don’t hesitate for a second, just do it. When you travel to different countries you learn that the people you meet aren’t the foreigners, you are. By becoming this vulnerable to new surroundings, traveling allows you to view the world in a different perspective. You begin to realize that the world isn’t all about you and the people who you once thought were foreign are actually very similar to yourself. Traveling pushes your boundaries, opens your mind, and gives you a sense of independence that connects you to the core of humanity and the beauty of our world. You are entitled to live the life you want, however you want, but we guarantee that you will not be as enriched in life without experiencing all that this world has to offer.  So if you want to travel the world, make a plan (or follow our tips) and commit to it because the truth is, you deserve to see the world. So the last question is, are you ready?

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